Master Programme in Clinical Optometry, 60 credits


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If your university uses a different credit system and does not provide a conversion between your local credits and ECTS credits, then we ask you to calculate a conversion considering that 60 ECTS credits correspond to a full year of study. The Master's programme Bioscience is a two-year full time study consisting of 120 ECTS credits. The programme has the following structure: Mandatory and elective courses, 60 ECTS credits; Master's thesis, 60 ECTS credits; Course of study Bachelor Degree with Honours is awarded for the attainment of a total of 240 ECTS Credits, 60 at Level 1, 60 at Level 2, 60 at Level 3, and 60 at Level 4. This Degree is usually required for entry to Master's Degree programmes. Postgraduate Programmes – (level 9 on the NFQ) Master's Programme (60 credits) in Mechanical Engineering.

60 ects credits master

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En amerikansk credit motsvarar 2 ECTS. Så 30 credits omfattar ett års studier och 60 credits omfattar två års studier. I Sverige skiljer vi på en magisterexamen 1 år (60 ECTS) och en Master på 2 år (120 ECTS). I de engelstalande länderna har man inte den distinktionen så en Master kan vara 1-2 år. Second cycle: typically 60–120 ECTS credits (a minimum of 60 ECTS per academic year), usually awarding a master's degree. Third cycle ( doctoral degree): There is no concrete ECTS range, since the disciplines vary in length and comprehensiveness.

Defence and Security Systems Development - two-year

240 ECTS = 480 CATS credits: four academic years at 60   Second cycle: typically 90–120 ECTS credits (a minimum of 60 ECTS per academic year), usually awarding a master's degree. Third cycle (doctoral degree):  BeInPM is a one-year, 60 ECTS credits, English-taught, Master degree, open to well-trained individuals around the world. Bachelor programmes typically last three years. A European master degree is obtained after successful completion of a study program with 60-120 ECTS credits.

60 ects credits master

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and

Enrolment fees are the same for local and international students. At UAB, a specific master's degree of 60 ECTS credits has an average price of €5,000 (average price for 2015-2016). While postgraduate diplomas usually impart between 30 and 60 ECTS credits.

ECTS credits60; Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn; Course code JUS396; Number of semesters2; Resources Type of assessment: Master's thesis.
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This Degree is usually required for entry to Master's Degree programmes.

Master's Degree (1 year): 60 ECTS; Master's Degree (2 years): 120 ECTS; Professional degrees (third cycle): Licentiate Degree: 120 ECTS (similar to the UK MPhil) Doctoral/PhD Degree: 240 ECTS; Academic year. The official academic year at Lund University is divided into two semesters (autumn and spring), each lasting 20 weeks. See the Academic Calendar. Credits Pour valider 60 crédits ECTS, vous devez donc valider une année d’études supérieures.
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Apply to International Master's Programme in Journalism INT

strategic entrepreneurship is  At least 60 ECTS credits must be in business administration. View the best master degrees here!

Defence and Security Systems Development - two-year

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two semesters of study 30 ECTS credits are equal to the workload of a full-time student over half an academic year (i.e.