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SLU, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, har verksamhet över hela Sverige. Varför ska du studera på Lunds universitet? 1. En engagerande studentstad - I Lund hittar du 13 nationer och 9 studentkårer. Utöver det finns  Törnlund, for the Upland student nation. Foundation number: 91703. Foundation: F O Törnlunds stipendiestiftelse för Uplands Nation.

Lund university student nations

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What is the student environment like in Lund? The student nations, without question. What is Studentlund? Studentlund is Can I join the nation even though I do not study at Lund University?

Studentkortet without joining a nation? : Lund - Reddit

You can get involved by joining Studentlund! Membership of Studentlund gives you access to everything ranging from student discounts, cheap accommodation, interesting talks, entertaining theatre and a wide range of other social activities, through to student influence in the University and guaranteed monitoring of One of the most unique things about studying in Lund is it’s organized student life. Many universities have student unions, however none are quite like Lunds. The first “Nations” were founded in 1668, based on geographic regions in Sweden, and historically students who came from that area would join the according nation.

Lund university student nations

Lund University Abroad @lund_university_abroad

Lund University was founded in 1666 and is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The University has 40 000 students and 7 600 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö.

Mer om nationer på Studentlund.se. Lunds Nation is the largest student nation at Lund University with over 3000 members creating lifetime memories. Through our lunches, clubs, sittningar, brunches, sports and culture events you'll find new friends and experiences lasting long after leaving student life. Lunds Nation is the choice for anyone who wants to maximize their time in Lund. The student nations.
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Twice a year – usually in February and September – current Lund University students are invited to apply for University and nation scholarships. Students are most likely to get a scholarship when they are in their 5–8th semester at Lund University. The next application period will be open from 16 February to 1 March . Former nations Skånska Nationen (circa 1674–1889) Originally, all Scanian people enrolled in Skånska nationen.

History. The nation was originally intended for students from the city of Kalmar.The first known date for its establishment was February 29, 1696 – some 30 years after the university had been founded – but it is not confirmed whether the nation was an independent nation up until around 1750.
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Studentlund – Sydskånska Nationen

This website needs javascript activated to work properly. Students talking to each other on a bench in front of the  Studentlund consists of Nations, Academic Society and student unions. with the aim to collect and broaden cultural and club activities at Lund University. Every student is member at one of the nations and being a member means you can go to every nation. Lund itself does have bars, but they are really expensive, so  No matter how you came to be here at Västgöta Nation, we want to say It is with great joy that we wish to welcome you to the best student nation in Lund.

Smålands Nation: Startsidan

VR-glasögon ska förbättra studentlivet i Lund.

They organize every kind of activities and have their own clubs, where they organize parties one or two times per week. I warmly suggest to become a member of one of them. Lund University is well known for its student nations. The thirteen student nations are large social clubs, each with their own particular atmosphere. Getting involved with the nations is a great way to meet friends and enjoy student life! Student social clubs called ‘nations’ are unique Swedish student organizations which are the main drive of students’ extracurricular activities. Each nation has its own spirit: some are music oriented, some are heavy in sports.